Monthly Themes

Every month, The Nourishment Network will run a series of articles and features on particular themes. We will also link to any relevant content posted by partner organisations, or in the media generally. Themes for the coming months are outlined below. If you would like to contribute, or have relevant, interesting content that you would like us to link to, please get in touch via the contact form.

Month Topic
April ’17


Binging on Bunnies? – For the Love of Chocolate – With Easter coming this month, we will be running a series of features on chocolate, one of the most desired and craved foods of all. Why do we love it so much? Does it really have superfood status? Is posh chocolate really worth the extra money?
May ’17 Crouching Carbs, Hidden Sugar – The debate on food and health is at its most confusing, guilt inducing and controversial than when it comes to carbohydrates and sugar. What should we believe, and more importantly, what should we do.
June ’17 Paleo and Protein – This is a man’s world. – Should we really be eating like a caveman? Is protein the healthy superfood that it is made out to be? Do protein supplements really make you ripped, or are you just making expensive wee?
August ’17 The Problem with Meat – We love meat. It is one of our most prestigious and desired foods. But do we eat to much of it for our health? Or too little? Can the planet sustain a population of meat eaters? Is it morally okay to be killing animals for food when we don’t have to? What are the alternatives, and what does the future of meat consumption hold?
September ’17 Fish Tales – We are constantly told we should be eating more fish to improve our health, but what is the truth? Where should our fish be coming from? How much should we be eating? Which fish is the best? Is the consumption of fish sustainable in the long term? And if it is so good for us, why do so few of us eat enough?
October ’17 Forgotten Fibre – A lost age of flatulence. Fibre is the forgotten nutrient. It has many health benefits, yet these days very few of us eat enough. Why is this? Is it because we are too embarrassed about flatulence? Is it because so many people are avoiding carbs? Or is it because it is lacking from our modern diet of processed food?
November ’17 Es are Bad? – the problem with E-numbers – No one likes to see a huge list of E numbers on a food label, and more and more food manufacturers are taking steps to remove them. Is this a good thing for our health? Are E numbers all bad? Why do we fear them so much? Will we miss them when they are gone?
December ’17 Festive Eating – Celebration of Food – More than any other time of year, December is the month when the UK celebrates with food. Why is food indulgence and excess so important for our festive celebrations? How does this affect our relationship with food? And at a time when we should be enjoying ourselves, why do so many of us feel such guilt and shame?
January ‘18 Resolutions and Fads – After the period of indulgence, January is the month of penance. Why do we feel we have to atone for our food sins with resolutions and diets? Is this healthy, or dangerous? Do resolutions ever work? What are the most ridiculous fads and diets out there this year? And why are we so inclined to believe them in January?