Who Are We?

The Nourishment Network was established in 2017 by Judy Swift and Anthony Warner.


DSC_0617 Judy’s go-to photo which is about 10 years old.

Fifteen years ago I trained as a nutritionist after studying a science undergraduate degree, but I moved towards the social sciences for my PhD studies as I had become increasing interested in the question “But why do people eat what they do?” I have continued to seek answers to this simple yet most difficult of questions, and I am currently an Associate Professor in Behavioural Nutrition (senior lecturer in old money) at the University of Nottingham.

I am fascinated by science and passionate about the socio-culture meaning of food. I love discussing complex ethical and philosophical issues, but hate academic snobbery. I reserve my wrath for judgmental, reductionist and risk-orientated approaches to nutrition that promise to make us ‘healthy’. Oh, and fat-shaming, thin-shaming, and all other ways in which people are made to feel shame about the bodies they have.

For many years I ranted with my like-minded colleagues. However, in 2016 I was contacted by Anthony, and we bonded over our  love of food and our mutual dislike for certain celebrity chefs. We then started work on developing a space to allow these rants to be made public and accessible, and The Nourishment Network was born.

I live in Nottingham with my husband-ish, two children, and two guinea-pigs. Cake is my drug of choice.

Do say: But this is common-sense, surely?

Don’t say: Is this healthy?




Anthony in 2016, clearly upset about the presence of a photographer in his house.

Anthony Warner is a Development Chef and Food Science Writer. He somehow managed to complete a Biochemistry Degree at Manchester University before deeply disappointing his parents by deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a development chef in the food manufacturing industry and has spent the last 11 years working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016, driven by frustration at the clearly unscientific messages being spewed out by a new breed of healthy eating celebrities, he started the Angry Chef blog, intended to appeal to a few similarly frustrated food industry professionals. Despite frequent attempts to alienate his readers, the blog has grown in popularity, forcing a middle-aged man to reluctantly engage with social media. Terrified at the prospect of being described as a ‘food-blogger’, Anthony has tried in vain to keep Angry Chef anonymous, but has sadly failed to do so as newspapers and magazines continue to approach him in the hope he might say something controversial about Jamie Oliver.

Anthony does not have a food philosophy. He is a pretty decent cook, but is not an expert in anything. He is merely curious and determined to get to the truth. He loves food, loves science and is ambivalent about Marmite. He lives in the Nottinghamshire countryside with his wife, daughter and a slightly unbalanced Springer Spaniel.

He blogs under his not very secret alter-ego The Angry Chef here, and can be found being grumpy on Twitter @One_Angry_Chef . He writes for New Scientist, The Pool, Men’s Health, Net Doctor, and Delicious magazine. His book, ‘The Angry Chef – Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating’, published by Oneworld, will be released on the 6th July.